Scribbles & Spills is a new podcast exploring the intersection of creativity and mental health.

Enter a dark, cozy space where creatives expound on their art and spill their secrets. 



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Guest requests currently closed! Thanks so much for all the interest. ❤️  

Email scribblesandspills(at)gmail(dot)com with: 

-A 3rd person bio no more than 100 words that I can use as your introduction. (May be shortened for use.) 

-High-resolution headshot. 

-Your book/album/project’s media kit/a free ebook or album so I can get to know your work. 

-Links or social media tags you want me to plug. 

-Pronouns and name pronunciation is appreciated! 

-Most importantly, tell me what you want to talk about! What struggles/experience do you have with trauma/mental health? What’s your creative philosophy? What drives you? What’s your story? What book/album/project would you like to focus on? This will help me prepare template questions I can send back to you for preparation.


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