C. E. Hoffman’s publications



Sluts and Whores (short story collection)- released by Thurston Howl Publications 2021

Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1948- (poetry collection) released 2017



First Date #5- Schlock Magazine December 2021 

I’m Bad At Titles- Weird Girl Magazine September 2021

Listless- Weird Girl Magazine September 2021

Forward to JubJub Juice (short story collection by Neil S Reddy) August 2021 

GTFO #1- Maudlin House October 2019

Fly, My Pretty- Vaughn Street Magazine September 2019 

Blue Blood (My Fairytale) (poetry)- Punk Poetry June 29, 2019 

My Right (Of Passage) (novel excerpt)- Cliterature Journal June 22, 2019 

I Am Not A 7-Eleven- Maudlin House June 3, 2019

I Am He- Litro NY April 14, 2019 

Bloom (Blowjobs) (poetry)-Pink Litter August 8 2018 

Nice Day to Get Laid (poetry)- Punk Poetry. Com July 20 2018 

Too Many Dreams- Trampsetters Oct 23 2017

#Whatever- Boyslut Magazine September 2017 

Forget About Me- The Weekenders Magazine April 2013 

Past the Finish Line- Streetcake Magazine February 2013 

My Name Is- ppigpenn Magazine January 2013

Pore Nat- The Delinquent December 2012 

B&E- Black Lantern Magazine November 2012 

Can, Sir- Boyslut Magazine November 2012 

The Only Untitled- Linguistic Erosion Magazine November 2012 

Between Lines/Legs- ppigpenn Magazine November 2012

Thunk- Five 2 One Magazine October 2012 

View- Larks Fiction Magazine October 2012 

Subject 291- Shrodinger’s Mouse October 2012

Double Knot- The Mustache Factor June 2012

Under Sunglasses- Salt Magazine May 2012

Therapy- Negative Suck March 2012 

17 or 20 Steps to the Left- Ginger Piglet Magazine February 2012

You Tell Me- Used Gravitrons February 2012

An Intriguing Resignation Letter- True Dark Anthology February 2012

Victim #16- Carnage Conservatory February 2012 

Ache- Crack the Spine February 2012

You’re A Woman Now- Off The Rocks Magazine January 2012

Mr. Noface and the Soul Stealer- Dark River Press December 2011 

Grey- Temptation Magazine November 2011

Waiting for the Right Connection- Postcard Shorts November 2011 

A Friend, the Spider- Arcane Magazine 2011 

The Silence of Trees- The Earth Comes First Magazine June 2011

Darkness You Need- Oysters and Chocolate Magazine May 2011 

China White- Dark Valentine 2011 

The Closest Thing to Perfection- Every Night Erotica September 2010 

Cotton Candy and Graveyards- Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine 2010, 69 Flavours of Paranoia 2010


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