C E Hoffman is a fearless writer.

-Jack Wang, author of We Two Alone

This is the kind of writing that inspires fandom.

-Alexandrine Ogundimu, author of The Longest Summer (forthcoming)

The human spirit remains fresh-voiced, optimistic and youthful in Hoffman’s imaginative writing.

-Martin Millar, author of Lonely Werewolf Girl

These stories pack a punch and make you think and make you read them again. Hoffman is a talent you should not pass up!

-Jeffrey Vernon Matucha, author of What the Hell Ever Happened to Yuri Rozhenko

Jane Austen would read C E Hoffman in bed.

-Neil S Reddy, author of Cause for Concern


A writer to watch for.

-Justin Bookworm, Razorcake Magazine


Sex and the City meets Black Mirror.

-Alana M Kelley, Maudlin House Magazine

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